One World Academy’s The New Destiny

The New Destiny is an extraordinary Spiritual Path for conquering life’s challenges and the creation of abundance in every sphere of life.

Here is why The New Destiny is an absolute must:

  1. You will awaken to a great mind and energy as a leader that the world needs.
  2. You will realize your heart’s passions and discover what you truly want from life.
  3. You will tear down the walls that separate you from love and experience connection with yourself, your partner, your child, your family, your loved ones and the world.

The New Destiny is a grand unification of spiritual wisdom, science, meditations, skillful techniques and joyful processes. This path-breaking experience will make the creation of material, emotional and spiritual abundance effortless for you.

You will take home priceless tools and meditations that will power your new destiny.

The New Destiny is conducted by a team of teachers who have dedicated their lives to the spiritual uplift of humankind. They are guided and mentored by the enlightened world teachers Krishnaji and Preethaji, the founders of One World Academy.

Come and find Infinite Love, Infinite Joy, Infinite Wealth, Infinite Well-Being and Infinite Intelligence at The New Destiny.

Five Days to transform your life at One World Academy, India.

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