One World Academy’s Meditation Instructors Training

Train. Teach. Impact.
Developed by Krishnaji & Preethaji – Founders, One World Academy
One World Academy is Krishnaji and Preethaji’s contribution to individual and world peace. They have created this school for Enlightenment to birth a New Consciousness.

Their vision is to end all the misery born of self-centric thinking and awaken you to the interconnection of all existence. One World Academy is about the birthing of a New Human Being who acts from a new sense of responsibility that deeply nurtures the web of life. This is New Consciousness.

Krishnaji and Preethaji, are enlightened world teachers and visionaries for global transformation. They founded One World Academy, a school for enlightenment in 2009. Their insights on life, mind, self, consciousness and the universe are breakthroughs in human thought and clearly ahead of our times. A rare ability to move into transcendental states of being at will, coupled with a fearless, reflective mind underlies all their wisdom, that carries a distinctive flavor of truth and freedom to it.

Krishnaji and Preethaji inspire total transformation. Spiritual seekers and business leaders, individuals and groups, young and old alike are left deeply impacted  by their wisdom and their presence. The profound impact they have on people is rooted in their experience of the universe as one unbroken field of consciousness, wherein there are no two separate individuals, no two separate events and no two separate forces. Therefore, meditating in their presence expands and transforms one’s perceptions of the universe, life and self and leads to the emergence of a New Consciousness.

Why Meditation Instructors Training?
One World Academy offers you this unique opportunity to train yourself in the art of meditation. Be part of a global community of (hundred thousand?) meditation instructors and contribute to world harmony. 
Meditation vitalizes.
Meditation rejuvenates.
Meditation enriches.
One World Academy invites you to the 7-day training intensive to become a skilled meditation instructor.
Learn the 8 fold science of meditation:
  1. Asana – the science of right posture
  2. Prana – the science of right breathing
  3. Gnana – the science of right perception
  4. Bhava – the science of right feeling
  5. Mantra – the science of creating the right sound vibration
  6. Yantra – the science of right visual form
  7. Kendra- the science of right focus
  8. Gandha – the science of right fragrance
Master the art of perfect synchronization:
These 8 aspects of meditation performed in perfect synchrony cause an emergent new experience in the body, mind and spirit. This renewed cellular vitality results in a new ‘you.’
Detox and Rejuvenate
  1. Mind Detox For Stress Free Living
  2. Brain Detox For Intelligent Living
  3. Spirit Detox For Harmonious Living
Practice and teach specialized meditations:
  • Discover Stress free living
  1. Transform anxiety to calm
  2. Transform fear to courage
  3. Transform confusion to clarity
  4. Transform inferiority to confidence
  5. Transform anger to forgiveness
  • Achieve an Intelligent brain. Experience
  1. Enhanced memory
  2. Enhanced creativity
  3. Enhanced concentration
  4. Enhanced vitality
  5. Enhanced restfulness
  • Create harmony and expand
  1. Live in peace
  2. Live in love
  3. Live in joy
  4. Live in connection
  5. Live in gratitude
Detox. Rejuvenate. Elevate.
Become an Expert Meditator.

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