One World Academy’s Field of Transformation


Create Synchronicities. Transform Lives.

The ‘Field of Transformation’ is a phenomenon. It is the journey of a lifetime. It is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and your family.

 Here are the three extraordinary outcomes you will get from the Field of Transformation course:

1. You move into a magical state of being where your very presence is capable of manifesting synchronicities. You are in great resonance; you are in sync with life. Intentions become actualities, desires get fulfilled, problems get solved. You will manifest an abundance of love, awaken creativity, live with passion and vitality, and create wealth and success.

2. Your very presence transforms people. You heal their hearts. You create inspiration. You become a blessing in their lives.

3. Joy becomes your natural state of being, an effortless way of living. The irresistible human tendency to revel in negativity is dissolved completely.

 Field of Transformation happens at the One World Academy campus in India. At the campus, you experience an immense spiritual power. Wisdom, meditation and transcendence become effortless.

Experience The Field. 

Your Presence will create synchronicities, transform people and liberate the world.

For course dates, registration details or to organize a group please visit or email Andrew at